Poodle Mixed with Australian Shepherd – The Aussie Poo Teddy Bear Dog?

A Poodle Mixed with Australian Shepherd OR in short the Aussie Poo is a cheerful and energetic hybrid breed between the Australian Shepherd and Poodle. They look like a teddy bear and are very clever.

They love cuddling, games and long walks on the beach, which makes them a great addition to an active family.

This dog has a lot of energy and requires a lot of commitment.

It requires a lot of care and attention, so read this article to learn how to keep this hybrid breed happy and healthy.

Another desirable feature of the Poodle Australian Shepherd Mix is ​​their appearance. These medium sized dogs are the most popular choice for a companion for their temperament and good looks. It is a great addition to active families looking for an adorable pet that loves to learn and play. It has also become one of the most preferred options for a service or therapy dog.

Table Of Contents
  1. Poodle Mixed with Australian Shepherd OR Aussie Poo Overview (101)
  2. Aussie Poo Overview (Poodle Mixed with Australian Shepherd)
  3. As Family Pets, The Poodle Mixed with Australian Shepherd
  4. Aussie Poo Temperament (Poodle Mixed with Australian Shepherd)
  5. How to Train Aussie Poo (Poodle Mixed with Australian Shepherd)
  6. Caring For Aussie Poo (Poodle Mixed with Australian Shepherd)
  7. Buyer Guide – Poodle Mixed with Australian Shepherd
  8. Breed Summary Chart for the Poodle Mixed with Australian Shepherd
  9. Summary
  10. Other Australian Shepherd Mixes
  11. Our GIFT to You – You might also want to look at the following Training:

Poodle Mixed with Australian Shepherd OR Aussie Poo Overview (101)

Poodle Mixed with Australian Shepherd

An Aussiedoodle is a hybrid breed between a Poodle and an Australian Shepherd (miniature or standard).

They are mainly used as pets. However , their teddy bear looks and friendly personalities also made them popular therapy dogs.

Both parent breeds have long ancestry. Poodle can be traced back to 17th century Germany, where it was used to collect water poultry. The Australian Shepherd Dog originally originated not from Australia but in the Western United States in the 19th century in ranges used to herd livestock.

Although the American Kennel Club does not recognize them as they are crossbreeds, both are recognized by the Australian Shepherd Dog and Poodle AKC . Australian Shepherd in the Shepherd group and Poodle in the non-sporting group.

Aussie Poo Overview (Poodle Mixed with Australian Shepherd)

Because they are hybrids, they can have unpredictable appearances. It all depends on what genes are expressed in each puppy – each puppy in the same litter can look completely different.

The Aussie Poo can look more like an Australian Shepherd or a Poodle, or a mixture of the two!

It cannot be said until the puppy is fully grown.

The exact thing is evident with the teddy bear look. They will have fluffy and fluffy fur with drooping ears and gentle eyes.

It should be noted that they are considered to be hypoallergenic (thanks to Poodle genes) but this can vary between puppies.

Height and weight (Poodle Mixed with Australian Shepherd)

There are two types of Aussie Poo depending on what type of Poodle their parent is. Someone with a miniature Poodle parent will be smaller and lighter build, while larger ones will be wide and sturdy.

It has a mini mini Poodle parent. These small hybrids can grow up to 35 lbs and 12-18 inches long. A standard size has a standard Poodle parent. These dogs can grow up to 70 lbs and reach 22 inches tall.

Colors and Coats (Poodle Mixed with Australian Shepherd)

Just like their size, their coat and color are unpredictable!

Australian Shepherd dogs can be black, blue merle, red or red merle. They may also have spotted tan spots and white patches around their bodies.

Poodle has more variations than the Aussie Shepherd. Some include apricot, black, blue, brown, cream, white and red.

So, your Aussie Poo could be anything above depending on their parents’ genes!

Up to their coatings, they can have two types of coatings depending on which genes are expressed.

  • They can have a soft and curly coat thanks to the poodle.
  • They can have a straight or curly coat like the Australian Shepherd.
  • The Australian Shepherd dog has a double coat, so chances are your dog has one too.

As Family Pets, The Poodle Mixed with Australian Shepherd

Now that you know more about the Aussie Poo, would it make the perfect family pet for you?

In summary, let’s take a look at the breed’s potential for your ideal canine companion:

  • You will need to be prepared to invest time and energy in exercising your Aussiedoodle.
  • These are active, athletic puppies that need plenty of walking and playtime to keep them healthy and happy.
  • The Australian Shepherd Poodle mix is ​​a benign, happy breed that would make an ideal family pet.
  • These dogs generally get on well with children and other pets.
  • You will have to spend a lot of time preparing your Australian Shepherd poodle mix.
  • Despite the poodle’s reputation for hypoallergenic, the Aussie Poo sheds
  • This breed will not be a good roommate for someone with a pet hair allergy.
  • Depending on the type of poodle used to create your Aussie Poo puppy, the size will vary.
  • The adult version of that cute little furry doll can be pretty big!
  • If you live in an apartment, look for a hybrid that has a toy poodle as one of the main dogs.

Aussie Poo Temperament (Poodle Mixed with Australian Shepherd)

Aussie Poo Funny

You should expect this breed to be very friendly, intelligent, energetic and loving. They are socially oriented and require a lot of attention.

Aussie Poo will be no strangers to hugs and cuddles, they will want to be a lap dog no matter how big they are.

Thanks to their strong social skills, they have no problem making friends.

While they don’t mind strangers when they go out, they’ll care when there is a stranger in their home. The Australian Shepherd was used to guard the ranges so they have a keen guard dog instinct.

Unfortunately, because they are social dogs, they always want to be around people, and they don’t do very well on their own. They are prone to separation anxiety so it’s best to make sure you have time to spend with this dog.

They can be a lot of fun – they’ll love the game of chase. Thanks to their legacy, they have the instinct to start herding and nudging children, so watch out for this (note this later).

In fact, they can be hyperactive and destructive if not played with regularly. This hybrid breed is very friendly overall, they are good around dogs as long as they are properly socialized.

Is the Aussie Poo a Good Family Dog?

The Poodle Mixed with Australian Shepherd are great for children, they are gentle and patient.

These fun hybrid breeds will love playtime, and kids have the same energy levels to suit them – perfect playmates!

As said earlier, they don’t have any aggressive tendencies so there shouldn’t be any worries there.

However, you should always keep an eye on your dog and your kids playing together and don’t forget to teach your kids. Understanding basic dog body language .

The Miniature Husky was bred in Wasilla, Alaska, from the early 1970s until 1988 by Linda S. Spurlin and her family. The breed was originally obtained by crossing Siberian huskies, Alaskan huskies, and they were also added to the barks and American Eskimo dogs to reduce the size of the breed without signs of dwarfism. She was engaged in breeding as a private owner, and in the late eighties allowed to use the genus for general breeding. The subsequent unification of the genus occurred after the breed was recognized by clubs and associations for rare breeds. The Miniature Husky, or dwarf husky, better known as the Alaskan Klee-kai was officially recognized by the American Rare Breed Association in 1995. The United Kennel Club (UKC) recognized this breed on January 1, 1997.

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How to Train Aussie Poo (Poodle Mixed with Australian Shepherd)

The Poodle Mixed with Australian Shepherd is extremely intelligent thanks to the fact that both parent breeds are very intelligent. Also, because of Australian Shepherds’ eagerness to please, they should be fairly easy to train!

They will respond best to positive reinforcement. Punishment should be avoided as much as possible leads to problematic behavior .

These dogs love treats and compliments, but tend to prefer one over the other.

As mentioned earlier, one of the problematic behaviors is to herd and pinch children – this can be easily trained. You should distract them by using a ball or toy to prevent children from herding around the house.

Socialization is vital for all genders! Expose them as puppies to a wide variety of people, children and animals. The same is true for household appliances that make loud noises like washing machines.

Start training and socializing as soon as you bring your puppy home!

When smart dogs are not mentally stimulated, they can become frustrated and bored , causing them to be destructive. Give them a puzzle feeder and play hide and seek with their treats. Let them play with other dogs and provide them as much social interaction as possible to improve their cognitive skills.

They see education as a form of play and challenge makes them happy. While an easy task, here are a few things that will help you effectively train your Poodle mixed with Australian Shepherd.

  • When is the right time?
    The right time to start training your puppies is the first day they come to your home. At eight weeks old, these puppies can absorb anything you’ve taught them – waiting until they’re old isn’t a great idea. They can hold information and understand instructions very early. Left untrained, you run the risk of raising a headed Poodle Australian Shepherd.
  • Where to start socializing?
    You must have them attend a puppy kindergarten class by the age of twelve. It will help you start their socialization . Besides formal training, you should immediately start socializing them with family members and friends.
  • What should you teach them?
    The first thing your puppy needs to learn is obedience. This is a stepping stone in which you should teach your dog some tricks for yourself. They are extremely intelligent and active. If you can teach and assign them a job or purpose, such as getting the paper for you, they will be delighted. It gives them the challenge and warning they need.

    As long as you are willing to teach them, you can have them do almost anything you want and they’ll be happy to do it for you.
  • How to train a puppy?
    You need to be patient and consistent in training them. Positive reinforcement goes a long way. They can quickly find out if they see that they please you. You should also remember to restrict training for short periods. It is a good idea to train for 10 to 15 minutes throughout the day. Avoid repeating commands too much or they will lose their relevance.

    It’s natural to try to bend or bump you when they’re driven and try to hold the family together. However, you have to make it your priority to deter it. You can scold them and then direct their attention to a game. It is important as they must learn to avoid biting or bumping you while walking. This education will also help children stay safe around them.

Caring For Aussie Poo (Poodle Mixed with Australian Shepherd)

Aussie Poo Therapy

The Poodle Mixed with Australian Shepherd will be a cute addition to your family, but you must first know how to care for one of these dogs.

They are adaptable, so they perform well in apartments and homes. However, they have a lot of energy so make sure you are ready to get a dog that needs a lot of activity.

These bundles of energy require a lot of care and attention – perfect for a loving family!

Exercise Requirements

Thanks to the history of both parent breeds, this hybrid breed is very energetic. The Poodle Mixed with Australian Shepherd loves exercise.

They need about 90 minutes of exercise every day, otherwise you will have to deal with a hyperactive dog that will try to chew on everything in sight!

Take them for a jog, the beach or a walk. They love all kinds of activities and are a very athletic breed.

Exercise is essential for lowering their energy level for these hyperactive dogs. They don’t know where to spend the energy to get angry, which can cause them to become frustrated and develop negative behaviors or become overweight.

Giving them a purpose is a great use of their unlimited energy. They delight people and enjoy physical and mental challenges. Their lively nature makes them work or seek playtime with their owners, other pets or even themselves. Access to a courtyard will be quite useful and will allow them to play whenever they need it.

These smart dogs love to learn and solve puzzles. Nina Ottoson Dog Brick Treatment Puzzle Dog Toy by Outward Hound will help keep them busy for a while. It is an interactive feeding fun game that your dog will love.

When taking them for a walk, you should keep them on a leash until you are sure of their remembering abilities. They are quite dog friendly, so you can take them to dog parks too.

Care and Spill

Grooming requirements will vary depending on the type of coat they inherit.

The Poodle Mixed with Australian Shepherd can get a long, wavy double coat from the Aussie Shepherd. If they do, they’ll pour their liner every spring and fall . They will need to be brushed at least every other day during their bursting.

If their coats like Poodles are more curly, they will need to trim their fur every 10 weeks. This helps their hair stay healthy.

They will need to trim their nails regularly to keep them at a comfortable length. Brush her teeth once a week and clean her ears regularly with a damp cloth to prevent any buildup.

Nutrition and Diet

It’s fairly easy to keep a Poodle Mixed with Australian Shepherd. They consume one to three cups of high quality dog ​​food a day. To meet the needs of high energy dogs like these, choose a dog food that contains a good amount of fat and protein. They also enjoy dog ​​bones, meat, vegetables or fruits. A regular exercise routine can help them manage their weight better.

The Poodle Mixed with Australian Shepherd needs a balanced protein, fat, vitamin and mineral diet.

They will need about 2 meals a day, divided into equal portions. One in the morning and one in the evening.

How much you feed your dog depends on how heavy they are. You should feed a mini version with 1-1.5 cups of formula and standard 2.5-3.5 cups of formula a day.

Some people believe that the raw food diet is most beneficial for dogs, while others stick to the commercial dog food diet. Well , as long as they are high quality materials.

Find a recognizable feed with all food ingredients. Avoid fillers such as corn syrup, as high carb concentrations can be harmful to your dog.

You can also treat them in moderation with fruits and vegetables.

Assie Doodle Full Grown

Maintenance of the Aussie Poo

The Poodle Mixed with Australian Shepherd can have different types of fur depending on which parental type dominates. Some Australian shepherd poodle mixes have the long, straight coat of the Australian shepherd dog. Other Aussie Poo carry more of a poodle coat with loose curls.

Whatever type of coat your dog has, it is high maintenance when it comes to grooming. You will need to brush your Aussie Poo for at least a few days and also your dog may need to be trimmed and trimmed every eight to 12 weeks.

Known Health Issues of Poodle Mixed with Australian Shepherd

Aussie Poos are hybrid breeds, meaning they have more genetic diversity than pure breeds. This means they should have less chance of inheriting genetic disorders.

However, there are some health issues that are still common with this cross breed:

  • Hip dysplasia is common in this breed, keeping them at a healthy weight and feeding them a nutritious diet to avoid this.
  • Miniature ones are more prone to upscale the patella, this is where the kneecap comes off.
  • They are prone to epilepsy.
  • Aussie Poos are prone to suffering eye disorders such as cataracts. Also Progressive Retinal Atrophy – This is an inherited disease that is common with both the parent breeds, Australian Shepherd and Poodle. When your dog becomes an adult, you should test for carrier genes that can cause blindness.
  • Cushing’s Disease – Occurs in dogs in their middle age as a result of the presence of a hormone-secreting tumor. It is usually found in the abdominal adrenal glands or the pituitary gland of the brain. There is an excess of stress hormone, cortisol, that can cause weight gain, increased appetite, hair loss, skin pigmentation and intolerance to exercise.
  • Obesity is common in companion dogs and this can really affect a dog’s quality of life. Obesity will be real if they are not fed properly and given the right amount of exercise.

How Long Does Aussie Poo Live?

An average healthy Australian dog will live 10-12 years.

Buyer Guide – Poodle Mixed with Australian Shepherd

Aussie Poo Puppy For Sale

To buy a cute Aussie Poo puppy, you need to find a reputable breeder to ensure you get a healthy puppy.

The breeding market may seem daunting at first, but once you know the signs of a puppy mill, it will be easier to find a reliable breeder. Reliable breeders will be open to you to visit and meet them, and most importantly, to meet my mother.

Seeing the mother will allow you to see her health and how she interacts with her offspring. If a breeder does not allow the mother to take care of her offspring, she can mature with problem behavior .

The breeder must also provide medical certificates to show you that your parents are healthy. A good breeder must register parents with the AKC, as Aussie Shepherd and Poodle are recognized by the AKC.

Be sure to ask the breeder questions such as how many liters the mother has, what food you give the puppies, and what level of socialization the puppies are.

Stay away from aggressive breeders and those who claim their puppies are 100% hypoallergenic – there is no guarantee that this applies to hybrid breeds.

How Much Does Aussie Poo Cost?

You should expect to pay between $ 1000-2000 for an Aussie Poo puppy.

Aussie Poo For Sale (Poodle Mixed with Australian Shepherd)

This mixed breed was purposely bred in Canada and the USA in hopes of creating cute, intelligent dogs with the poodle’s low shedding coats. They are one of the most popular designer dogs in the world.

Searching for a reliable breeder will help you get the right puppy for you. A reliable breeder will ensure you get the right matched puppy. You should be allowed to visit the facility or kennel and meet the puppy before concluding the deal. If you haven’t seen the puppies when buying online, you never know what to expect.

They should be able to provide you with the necessary documents and certificates to prove that they have undergone medical screening. In addition, both parents must be allowed access to their health history.

Never buy a puppy from irresponsible breeders and puppies who mistreat animals. Do your research and walk around their facilities or kennels. You can search for a registered breeder or find the puppy in a shelter or through an adoption organization

Here is a short list of reputable Poodle Mixed with Australian Shepherd breeders:

  • Thompson Falls, Montana – Montana Aussiedoodles
  • Samson, Alabama – Kissable Doodles
  • Phoenix, Arizona – King Family Ranch
  • Reno, Nevada – Cafe Au Lait Aussiedoodles
  • Susanville, California – Saddleback Aussiedoodles
  • Laguna, New Mexico – Spirit Mesa Toys
  • Apalachin, New York – Sunny Dae Golden Doodles
  • Union Grove, North Carolina – Golden Star Family Puppies
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – Native Doodles
  • Adrian, Oregon – Sunny Lane Doodles
  • Charleston, South Carolina – Carolina Aussie Doodles Of Charleston
  • Columbia, South Dakota – Sand Lake Kennels
  • Salt Lake City, Utah – Cottonwood Creek Doodles
  • Middlesex, Virginia – Emma’s Hope Puppy Aussie Poos
  • Woodland, Washington – Dreamy Doodles

Breed Summary Chart for the Poodle Mixed with Australian Shepherd

Aussie Poo Breed Guidelines
Race Features
Size:Mini (12-18 inches) and Standard (22 inches tall)
Weight:Mini (15-35lbs) and Standard (50-70lbs)
Life:10-12 Years
Jacket:Wavy, double-layered or curly coat
Color:Many variations including apricot, black, blue, brown, cream, white, and red
Do they pour:Can spill a lot and eat two large molds a year
Temperament:Cheerful, friendly, energetic and smart
Intelligence:Very smart
Socializing:Good for other dogs and pets
Destructive Behavior:Can be devastating when bored or hyperactive
People skills:Good with strangers
Good With Kids:Great with kids
Activity Levels:You need a lot of activity – 90 minutes every day


Overall, the Poodle Mixed with Australian Shepherd is friendly, cheerful and energetic crossbreeding is perfect for an active family.

This is not a dog for someone with a relaxed lifestyle.

They need at least 90 minutes of activity each day, otherwise you will find a hyperactive teddy bear running around the house.

They will need a lot of mental stimulation because they are so smart. So give them lots of toys, nutritious puzzles and play games with them.

As a hybrid breed their appearance can be a little unpredictable, but there is no doubt that these dogs are very friendly and lovable!

Other Australian Shepherd Mixes

Not the right puppy for you but your heart placed in an Australian Shepherd mix? Check out the best Australian Shepherd mixes in America:

  1. Blue Heeler + Australian Shepherd Mix
  2. Pitbull + Australian Shepherd Mix
  3. Lab + Australian Shepherd Mix
  4. Husky + Australian Shepherd Mix
  5. German Shepherd Dog + Australian Shepherd Mix
  6. Corgi + Australian Shepherd Mix
  7. Golden Retriever + Australian Shepherd Mix
  8. Bernese Mountain Dog + Australian Shepherd Mix

Puppytrainingscoop.com is wishing you all the best with your new best friend!

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